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Here on the Peach Print blog, all book reviews will be rated on a scale from 1-5 peaches.  I'm just a teen who loves to read, so do keep this in mind if my rating does not match yours.

Take a look to see exactly what each rating means:

I loved this book!  It was perfect in pretty much every way and I couldn't put it down.  I would read it again and absolutely recommend.

I liked this book a lot!  There may have been a few issues for me in a couple of places, but overall, it was still a great book.  I think many others will also enjoy it.

This book was okay.  It wasn't terrible but I didn't necessarily love it.  I probably wouldn't read it again and probably wouldn't recommend.

I didn't like this book.  Unfortunately there were a number of problems with it for me, and the text didn't interest me.  I wouldn't read it again and wouldn't recommend.

I really disliked this book.  There were numerous problems with it and I couldn't keep interest.  I definitely would not pick this book up a second time or recommend it to another.

Pretty self explanatory.  The book was in between.  I will use half peaches when I can't decide between two whole peaches.

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