January 24, 2016

Book Review: Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

January 24, 2016

Saving Francesca
Author: Melina Marchetta
Publication Date: May 9, 2006
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Genre: YA Contemporary
Page Length: 243 pages
A compelling story of romance, family, and friendship with humor and heart, perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins and Lauren Myracle.

Francesca is stuck at St. Sebastian’s, a boys' school that pretends it's coed by giving the girls their own bathroom. Her only female companions are an ultra-feminist, a rumored slut, and an impossibly dorky accordion player. The boys are no better, from Thomas, who specializes in musical burping, to Will, the perpetually frowning, smug moron that Francesca can't seem to stop thinking about.

Then there's Francesca's mother, who always thinks she knows what's best for Francesca—until she is suddenly stricken with acute depression, leaving Francesca lost, alone, and without an inkling of who she really is. Simultaneously humorous, poignant, and impossible to put down, this is the story of a girl who must summon the strength to save her family, her social life and—hardest of all—herself.

January 1, 2016

2015, Thanks for the Memories.

January 1, 2016
Well, it's exactly 11:59 PM here in Honolulu . . . only one minute 'till the new year.  To send off 2015 in an appropriate fashion, I decided to make one big wrap-up post to commemorate another year gone by.  This post includes favorite books, favorite memories, and pretty much anything random that pops into my head at this ungodly hour -- ha, ha!

Happy New Year everyone!  Here's to 2016.

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